COF Orientation 2014-15

We had orientation for volunteer and parents on 8/18/14 with special guest speaker, Sarah Lee.
We learned, we implement and progress will be happening.
The most important thing is… we will be there to be a friend who listens, talks, shares life together.

COF would like to give special thanks to guest speaker, volunteers and especially, volunteer parents who send their lovely child to COF to become a friend of our buddies.

ABP_4054 ABP_4060 ABP_4063 ABP_4088 ABP_4089 ABP_4099 ABP_4105 ABP_4109 ABP_4126 ABP_4134 ABP_4136 ABP_4143 ABP_4145 ABP_4151 ABP_4153 ABP_4160 ABP_4167 ABP_4173 ABP_4190 ABP_4207 ABP_4208 ABP_4209 ABP_4212

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