End of the Year Celebration – 2017/18

Another great year for COF. We had over 100 people attend our End of the Year Celebration. We couldn’t do it without all our Buddies and Volunteers. Also, this year would have been impossible without all the support from the parents, staff, and board members.


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We appreciate the continued support from our local government.

  • Diamond Bar City Council, Walnut City Council
  • U.S. Congressman Ed Royce
  • Senator Josh Neman


  • Diamond Bar City Council Award:
    • Buddy: Bill Liao, Karem Han
    • Volunteer: Andrew Park, Donggun Kim, Shinyoung (David) Lee, Joshua Kang, Joshua Paik
  • Walnut City Council Award:
    • Buddy: Darian Hioe, Lauren Yoon
    • Volunteer: Chris Won, Eunice Sim, Hana Cho, Joel Choi
  • Congressman Award:
    • Shelby Min
  • Senator Award:
    • Kaly Huang
  • Presidential Award:
    • Ashley Huh, Arron Kim, Shinyoung (David) Lee, Joshua Paik, Andrew Park, Chris Won


COF Praise Band  

Michael Lin (Guitar & Vocals), Jaylen Hioe (Vocals), Andrew Chao (Vocal), Shelby Min (Vocals), Taesoon Kim (Drums), Amos Byun (Bass), Paul Kim (Keyboard), Eunice Sim (Keyboard)

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