5 thoughts on “COF Hike – 10/17/20 – Carbon Canyon

  • This hike was so fun! So glad I was able to get to know people! I can’t wait for the next one:))

    -Monday, Hannah Kim

  • This hike looks so wonderful! Although I couldn’t make it I would love to make it to the next one! 🙂
    -Ben Shin, Monday

  • Although I came out of this hike a bit tired, it was a really enjoyable hike. It was really nice to talk and spend time with my buddy.

    – Monday, Chris Yun

  • I got to have a good time talking with a few of the buddies and got some much needed exercise. I found it enjoyable going outside and talking to the buddies that I haven’t seen face-to-face in months.
    -Monday, Lyndon Kaneko

  • I got some much needed exercise and spent the time catching up with some of the buddies. It was super enjoyable and pleasant to see some faces I haven’t seen in months.

    – Monday, Lyndon Kaneko

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