10 thoughts on “Hiking @ Carbon Canyon – November 14th

  • The hike looks so fun and refreshing! What a nice way to spend time together while getting fresh air and still wearing masks!

    Monday, Antonia Y.

  • This hike was really fun! The trail was decently long and it was refreshing to see everyone together, although we still had to keep our distance. I hope we can do this again!

  • This was such a fun experience! I got to know more buddies and volunteers. I hope we can have more outdoor activities like this one!

    Wednesday, Eunice C.

  • This hike was a great opportunity to go out and meet new buddies and volunteers. I hope that in the future we can continue to have more activities like this!
    Wednesday, Kayleen K.

  • The hike was an extremely fun activity to spend time with all the buddies and volunteers in COF. Going out and enjoying the scenery was great and doing something like this again would be really cool!

    Monday, Kyle Y.

  • This is such a great way for the buddies and volunteers to spend time together! Everyone gets exercise while staying safe! I hope we can have more activities like this.

    Monday, Kris N.

  • The hike really was a nice event and it felt good to get some fresh air. I was even able to catch up with some of the buddies which was very nice. Hope we can look forward to another hike in the future.

    -Wednesday, Jonathan

  • Despite the difficult year that it was, I was still so happy and exited that we could get together at least a little bit safely. The hike was lots of fun and was some much needed fresh air as well as a chance to catch up with friends! Hopefully if our situation permits we can do a lot more in the future!

    – Wednesday, Michael

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