9 thoughts on “Upcoming Hikes – Carbon Canyon – 4/24 & 5/22 @8am

  • The weather was super nice and it was nice to get in some cardio with everyone^^

    -Wednesday Volunteer

  • The hike was very enjoyable and refreshing to participate in. I can’t wait for the next one!

    -Wednesday Volunteer

  • The hike was a really fun and refreshing experience after being home all day. I hope that we can continue to have more activities like this which allows for the buddies to meet up with new volunteers and make new friends.
    -Wednesday Volunteer

  • It was so nice to see everyone and get some sunshine and exercise at the same time! Hope we can do more events like this as the pandemic gets better.

    -Wednesday Volunteer

  • I was really glad to have this experience because not only was I able to have fun hiking, I was also able to meet different buddies and volunteers in person! I am excited to participate in the upcoming hikes as well!

    -Wednesday Volunteer

  • It was nice to see everyone again and I got to meet Kareem, who was very energetic and made the hike more enjoyable.
    – Wednesday Volunteer.

  • The hike was very enjoyable and I was able to meet some buddies I didn’t know. I look forward to the next hike!
    -Wednesday Volunteer

  • I wasn’t able to go to this hike but just from the pictures, the hike looks really fun! I hope I would be able to go to the next one! 🙂

    – Wednesday volunteer

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