32 thoughts on “Dalgona Candy Making Results and Winners

  • It was really fun watching both the buddies and volunteers make dalgona. Everyone did an amazing job. Hope to see more fun activities like this in the future!!
    – Wednesday Volunteer

  • I really liked doing this activity myself as a volunteer. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed watching others make their own dalgona!

    -Wednesday Volunteer

  • Even though I wasn’t really able to make the perfect dalgona, I loved the process and I’m glad that so many volunteers and buddies were able to enjoy this activity!!

    -Wednesday Volunteer

  • I enjoyed watching the videos during our COF meetings and making the actual candy. Daroo and his dad are too funny!

    -Monday Volunteer

  • Watching the buddies and volunteers make dalgona made it look super fun! Can’t wait to try and make some for myself!
    -Wednesday Volunteer

  • Everyone did so well making the candy! Although mine didn’t turn out as well as I expected, it still tasted great and I hope the other volunteers and buddies who participated enjoyed making theirs!

    – wednesday volunteer

  • It was really fun watching videos of buddies and their friends and family making dalgona. Daroo’s in particular was really fun to watch because of the singing and they all did a great job.
    -Monday volunteer

  • I enjoyed watching the buddies making the candies and how happy they looked while making them. It looked like they put in a lot of effort and had fun doing so.
    – Wednesday Volunteer

  • It was very enjoyable to watch them have fun and make some dalgona. It was very fun to watch everyone have a good time.
    -Wednesday Volunteer

  • I enjoyed watching all the videos and it was very fun. Well done buddies and volunteers. Good Job!

    -Monday Volunteer

  • The dalgona candies look very delicious. All the volunteers and buddies put lots of effort into making these candies. Good job everyone!
    -Monday Volunteer

  • It’s good to see friends and family spending time and making dalgona candies together! It was a fun experience.
    – Monday Volunteer

    • It was so fun to see everyone make their own dalgona and I’m so glad I got to see everyone else’s experiences!

      -Monday Volunteer

  • It was awesome to see the buddies and volunteers enjoying the dalgona making activity! They all turned out very well and everyone did a great job!
    -Monday Volunteer

  • Watching these videos was super fun and all the results turned out so well! Good job to all the buddies and volunteers!

  • All of the dalgona videos were so fun and cute to watch!! I think everyone did amazing even if there were some mistakes.
    – Monday Volunteer

    • Wow very impressive !!! Buddies did a fantastic job and it looked so good!!! Wish I can eat it!
      -Monday Volunteer

  • All of these videos were so entertaining and was such a cute activity! Great job to everyone!
    – Monday Volunteer

  • I enjoyed watching the buddies and volunteers make the dalgona candy and I hope that we can have more activities like this in the near future

    – Wednesday volunteer

  • Great job everyone on the Dalgona Candy. Everybody did really good and it looks tasty.- Monday Volunteer

  • I loved watching all the videos, the dalgona looks so delicious! I wish we made this in person with the buddies, it would have been so much fun!
    -Monday Leader

  • Loved everyone’s Dalgona candy videos!. Everything looked tasty and looked like they all had fun!

  • Watching the dalgona candy videos was so fun! Hopefully we can do something like this again in the future.
    -Monday Volunteer

  • It was such a fun experience to attempt to make dalgona and watching the other volunteers and buddy’s making dalgona. Hoping to have another experience like this.
    -Wednesday volunteer

  • Everyone making and posting their own dalgona videos was very enjoyable and interesting. I wish we were able to make these in person with out buddies.

  • It was so fun making Dalgona although there were a few fails along the way. I hope everyone had fun making them and watching the videos!
    -Wednesday Volunteer

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