Circle of Friends November 30, 2007

“It takes just two to make a friendship; it takes just YOU to make a difference.”

Circle of Friends (COF) is a non-profit organization that encourages kids with disabilities and high school volunteers get together and build friendships.

Special buddies usually are protected under their parents’ care and are shielded from society, never getting a chance to interact with other kids.

Shout outs from some of our seniors…

Young Kim: “COF is such a great organization; my only regret is not joining earlier.”

Lena Chon: “Circle of Friends involves a lot of sacrifice and I’ve learned that the greatest lessons are learned through sacrifice.”

Wilson Hwang: “COF has changed my life in many ways…”

Linda Yoon: “COF teaches you patience and it’s a rewarding experience.”

Ellen Kwon: “I love Ben Chong. Bellen forever!”

Kevin Baik: “COF is the most life-changing event of high school. It’s hardwork, but I enjoy it.”

Jesica Kim: “COF genuinely cares about the kids it’s a really bonding experience!”

Chris Kim: “COF gives me a life!”

Jennifer Kim: “Circle of Friends has really changed my life! Thank you Mrs. Kim!”

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