2016 Newsletter

Can you do me a favor?

작은 부탁

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Circle of Friends May 18, 2015

Where we build bond that last a lifetime.

It takes two to make a friendship, and just you to make a difference.

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Circle of Friends May 19, 2014


Seasons changes and words fade away, but our friendship is timeless.

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Circle of Friends Nov. 4, 2012

Dream Chaser
꿈을 찾는 친구

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Circle of Friends May 23, 2011

Life Inside COF

A Message from Teacher

I have noticed that there is beauty in every corner of life. Maybe it is due to my age or may because I learned to appreciate life more. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than watching an individual doing his/her best in whatever task one has chosen or given to do and enjoying it.

I see a beauty in you, the student volunteers, who come every Monday to be with the buddies. While it is true that you had to do community service, you chose to be at COF. It is not easy to give up your Monday afternoon to work with challenging individuals. I appreciate the extra effort you put in to ensure that your buddy gets that stretching completed when we are exercising.

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Circle of Friends May 24, 2010


This is my 2nd year in COF leadership. As the time passed, I felt more comfortable working in COF, and I started to realize what being a leader meant in a group.

There are three major roles for leaders that need to be followed to become a true leader of COF. Leaders are not the people who give orders to others; they serve people.

They are the people who voluntarily do work before others are regained to do them. Lastly, they realize that they are the bridge between teachers and volunteers.

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Circle of Friends December 6, 2009

Memories of 2009

Year 2009 is my personal best since I have already spent two years in Circle of Friends (COF). Many things have happened and have passed really quickly, but I can still remember most of events that occurred in COF.

I showed my passion, spent my time and love, which I think still think are not enough, and I really enjoyed meeting with our buddies every Monday. I am sure that the times that I have spent in COF are the most joyful days of my 17 years of life.

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Circle of Friends November 30, 2007

“It takes just two to make a friendship; it takes just YOU to make a difference.”

Circle of Friends (COF) is a non-profit organization that encourages kids with disabilities and high school volunteers get together and build friendships.

Special buddies usually are protected under their parents’ care and are shielded from society, never getting a chance to interact with other kids.

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